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On request, we can assist with Pench Jungle Safari bookings

The following information is needed if you would like us to book your forest entry

1. 100% Advance payment is required against jungle safari booking.
2. To avoid disappointment you are advised to book early as safari vehicles are limited.
3. To enjoy the forests of both Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh please choose safaris on either side.

Safari Details: Distance from The Pench International to Gate

S. No.DetailsDistance
1Turia Main Gate2 KM
2Khursapar Wildlife Sanctuary10 KM
3Rukkad Wildlife Sanctuary35 KM
4Sillari Wildlife Sanctuary40 KM
5Wolf Sanctuary – Khawasa (Night Patrolling & on spot booking)10 KM
6Night Drive with Naturalist (resort to resort)20- 25 KM Drive in a buffer
7Telia Buffer Zone6 KM
8Kohka Dam or Village Sightseeing (2 Hours for 6 Adults)10 - 15 KM Drive
9Fun Excursion in Kohka Dam10 - 15 KM Drive
10Pottery Village Visit10 - 15 KM Drive
11Single seat safari on sharing from Turia2 KM
12For full-day safari from sunrise to sunset-

For details of charges please call: +91 8014-777-666

Safari Timing Morning (AM)Afternoon (PM)
1st January – 31st January06:45 – 11:0003:00 – 05:45
1st February – 28th February06:30 – 11:0003:00 – 06:15
1st March – 31st March06:15 – 11:0003:00 – 06:30
1st April – 30th April05:45 – 11:0004:00 – 06:45
1st May – 30th June05:30 – 11:0004:00 – 07:00
1st October – 31st October06:00 – 11:0003:00 – 06:00
1st November – 30th November06:15 – 11:0003:00 – 05:45
1st December – 31st December06:30 – 11:0003:00 – 05:30

Number of vehicles permitted

1. Turia Gate: 34 each during Morning and Evening

2. Khursapar Gate: 30 each during the Morning and Evening

3. Sillari Gate: 40 each during Morning and Evening


With a view to providing a livelihood to the local population, most resorts prefer to hire Gypsys from local villagers. Each Gypsy is allowed to carry 6 adults but we recommend that ideally, only 4 persons are comfortable in a Gypsy.

The following is important to note

1. Once a safari ticket is booked, no changes/modifications are allowed by the Forest Department.

2. You must carry valid photo identification, preferably the same as on your safari ticket. The forest officials are extremely strict in matching details submitted for entry tickets and actual guests in Gypsy at the time of park entry.

3. It becomes extremely cold during park rounds so carry adequate woollen clothing during the winters and most early morning safaris.

4. ‘The Pench International’ provides packed breakfast for morning park rounds and drinking water for evening park rounds.

5. Do carry your camera, binoculars, and bird identification book.

6. Online safari booking opens 120 days prior to the date of the safari required. Please confirm with our reservations desk.

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